According to Thomas Jenkinson...

Squarepusher holds the belief that the machines used to make music hold just as much influence on the users as the users do themselves, and that humans do not control these machines independently; we hold the same mutual creative capacity as they. He says that the restraints musical instruments held in the past were quintessential to music composition and that the insignificance of modern classical music, as a result of new technology, exposes this point. This, he says, is why machines themselves now contribute so much influence to musical composition.

In his view, our common delusion that only we humans are the sole cause of the creative process resulting with the machine resisting the composer's will, hindering the process of creation. When the machine is unable to collaborate, it works against its user. In his view, the violent domination of machines produce "artifacts of human stupidity, not art." He says this originates from our inherent desire to control everything, even the prevention of death. This desire to be "controllers" works against us in every instance it can be found. The artists become frustrated that their machine will not cooperate, and this, as Squarepusher claims, is the reason why so many artists have died young, gone insane or committed suicide.

Artists try to represent themselves in their music in an attempt to live after death. As modern music incorporates technology more and more, Jenkinson observes that musicians are the first group of creative society to represent themselves with machines. Our desire to be superior to machines, combined with the reality that we are not, creates human jealousy of machines; thus they become the greatest object of human desire.

It is known that Jenkinson has Aspergers syndrome and this may explain why he spends alot of time producing music. After the Glastonbury Festival 1998, his record company went around to see him because they couldn't understand why none of his royalty checks had been cashed. He had them all in a shoe box because he thought they were just reciepts.... He didn't actually need the money because he never left his room where he was making the music. He was still living off his advance.